Do you want a Lamborghini?

I wanted one, and a really big house with a really big pool and a garage full of nice cars and motorcycles and a really nice everything so people would love me, so the pretty girls would pay attention to me, so I wouldn’t be lonely.

I used to take long walks in the fool’s venue thinking about how fabulous my life would be if I only had those things.

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11+ Things you can learn from “The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries

1. Eliminate waste

There are limited resources on a Startup, the main goal is to lift off before the runway ends on a cliff. If your Startup is glued to the ground you have to throw away what’s not necessary. Maybe you are paying a high fee for a fancy CRM and you have zero leads to work with, that’s waste. Or maybe you are leasing a story when there’s just 3 people and a goldfish on your team. You don’t need those… yet. The most important part on your startup is to create value, generate cash flow and lift off.

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