I wanted one, and a really big house with a really big pool and a garage full of nice cars and motorcycles and a really nice everything so people would love me, so the pretty girls would pay attention to me, so I wouldn’t be lonely.

I used to take long walks in the fool’s venue thinking about how fabulous my life would be if I only had those things.

Watching all the time these ads on Facebook and Twitter and YouTube of all these people with all that luxury being rich, being millionaires, being happy.

Then I started to fall into a trap, believing everyone that popped into my screen screaming “Do you want to be rich? I’ll teach you to be rich!” And buy a crappy course for a couple of bucks just to find out there’s only a PDF with common sense stuff and some videos about that PDF with common sense stuff.

Stuck in there with no real valuable information and a stream of up-sales coming my way promising to pave the path of least resistance towards my dream life.

An I fell for it. I spent hundreds of dollars on crappy stuff and up-cross-whatever-they-are-making-sales.

A lot of money but zero progress.

I gave up. Maybe that’s just not for me and I have to stand this 9-5 drudgery for the rest of my life.

Then I started reading, just for entertainment. I read dozens of books and I understood something.

Unplugging from that environment I understood that luxury and fancy cars and big houses are not happiness. In fact, I found myself being happier reading those books on weekends than when I was stressed the F out about not being rich.

Then my week of vacations came, and I went to a trip by myself. Something clicked on me. After a couple of days thinking about what makes me happy, I decided that I no longer wanted to have all that stuff. Sure, I’d love to try that lifestyle for a week or so but no more than that.

What I really want is to wake up and be able to do what I like doing. No two-hour commutes, no stupid bureaucracy making decisions, no more “I hate my life” thoughts in front of the fax machine.

And what do I like doing? Reading, being in a quiet place, go to the movies, coding, hanging out with friends and family.

By having clear idea of what I really want and what really makes me happy I could see that I was already doing some of those things.

I was no longer yearning for a lifestyle that I don’t even know if I’d like just because I saw some random dude (apparently) being happy.

Still, I’m not there yet, maybe I’ll never get there. But today, it’s closer than yesterday.

I don’t think I’m settling for less (am I?) Or I’m not just ambitious enough (Is that wrong?). Who knows.

Maybe that guy knows, the one in the mirror. I’ll ask him.

And maybe you should ask too. What do we want. Do we really want that Lamborghini?

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